3D Architectural Rendering Services

Additions & Renovation for Your Home in DC, Baltimore, Virginia VA, & Maryland MD.

Love your home but need more space?  Additions and Renovations for your home can be a great alternative to moving to a new location. Professionals at Tejjy Inc. can design home with the right finesse, transforming it to the abode of your dreams!

Tejjy Inc. has been providing construction services in Washington DC, Baltimore, Virginia, and Maryland areas in the USA for home additions and renovations since 2006. Comprehending the intricacies of your home building projects, Tejjy Inc. makes the process stress free and enjoyable to clients.

Our Home Addition & Renovation Services in Washington DC, Baltimore, VA & MD:

  • Whole House Renovations
  • Smaller Home Improvement
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Bath Renovation
  • In-Law Suite
  • Family Room Addition
  • Sunroom
  • Screened-In Porch
  • Finished Basement
  • Garage Addition / Detached Garage
  • Addition and Renovation Permit
  • Building an Addition without a Permit

Be it a whole-house renovation or smaller home improvement projects like renovating a living room or entrance, weprovide finished designs for new home addition or renovation matching your dreams and style preferences.

Why Choose Tejjy Inc. for Home Additions & Renovations in Washington DC, Baltimore, Virginia, & Maryland?

  • Customized Solutions

Tejjy Inc. provides a truly customized approach to every architectural project in the USA. Experts of the company believe that your dream home should reflect your need and personality by seriously considering clientsand building a truly customizedhome addition or renovation in Washington DC.

  • Authentic & Straight forward

Tejjy Inc. believes in an authentic and straightforward approach to project estimate, pricing, and design. The experts of the company ensure that you know what you are getting at a fixed price contract. Every cost change is approved by the client through a change order process. Tejjy Inc. doesn’t include additional charges for making changes, excepting the cost associated with the change itself.

  • Attention to Detail

Tejjy Inc. believes that even the smallest details are significant to your home building projects in the USA.  The expert engineers and architects of the company understand that every detail is important for making a project complete and provide a high quality of architectural engineering and design for home renovation and addition.

  • Outstanding Customer Support

The professionals understand that there could be instances of problems, no matter how much care they put into the construction projects. So, they provide a warranty for home addition or renovation in Washington DC. The service manager of Tejjy Inc. is always available to take care of warranty needs once a project is completed.

Consult Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or info@tejjy.com for your home renovations or additions in Washington DC, Baltimore, Virginia, & Maryland areas.