Versatile & Flexible Floor Plan Design in DC, MD, VA & Baltimore from Tejjy Inc.

Looking for a competent Floor Plan service provider in Washington DC? Get your room designed with floor plan drawings from Tejjy Inc. to get an accurate depiction of an entire building with floor and rooms including measurements, furniture, appliances, and other necessary items for planning. The expert engineers at Tejjy Inc. provide floor plans for designing furniture layout and wiring systems. The real state agents and leasing companies count on Tejjy Inc. for getting floor plans to sell or rent out a space in DC.

Benefits of Designing a Room with Flooring in DC, MD, VA & Baltimore in the USA

  • Marketing with floor plan drawings to potential consumers
  • Adding floor plan to a real estate list increases click-throughs from purchasers
  • Communicating with contractors & retailers about a future remodeling project

Our Process of Drawing Floor Plans in DC, VA, MD & Baltimore areas in the USA

  • Selecting an Area:

We determine the area to be drawn. In case a building already exists in DC, our engineers at Tejjy Inc. decide how much of a room, floor, or an entire building is required to draw. On the other hand, if a building does not exist, we brainstorm designs based on the size and shape of the location to be built.

  • Taking Measurements:

If a building exists in DC, we measure the walls, doors, and relevant furniture to make an accurate plan. If the layout gets created for a completely new area, we ensure that the total area gets fitted in where it is to be constructed. We inspect the buildings built in similar areas in DC for using it as an estimate for the floor plan.

  • Drawing Walls:

We add walls for every room of the building, drawing them to scale.

  • Adding Architectural Facets:

We add architectural features to space by including the unvarying stuff, such as the doors and windows, refrigerator, dryer and other significant appliances placed in a specific location.

  • Adding Furniture:

We add furniture if it is required in the floor plan.

Why Choose Tejjy Inc. for Floor Plan Design & Drawing in DC?

  • Get an agreeable flow between spaces, increasing resale value
  • Versatile & flexibility in designing rooms with flooring
  • Carve out an ideal room layout
  • Accommodate planned activities for furniture
  • Match your priority & lifestyle with the perfect light for your rooms
  • Find the perfect poise between architectural details & practical considerations

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